Saturday, March 19, 2016

The words swirling in my mind as the sun arches over the palm trees, as the clouds dance through the horizon and the birds play my melody: relax, beloveds. 

nothing is going to happen today to you that cannot be deciphered, eventually. 

tragedy may befall...i know.
sadness may ebb. . . i understand. 
confusion may settle...i've been there. 
yet. yet. yet. walk forward. breath in. breath out. 

settle for simple. strive for calm. aim for easy. 

take those three hard steps and fall back two. get up and take another step. or two. and reach out for peace. peace. 

peace: that small whisper in the back of your heart, that ever so tender urging in the struggle to face one more day. one more hour. one more minute. 

i know it can be rough...i also know when you, when i - relax, breath and move. 

ever so slowly, i ( you ) warner a bit more strength that makes the tomorrow's easier than the today's. relax beloveds....let your breathing in and breathing out bring you comfort and courage. . . let your steps today, small though they might possibly be, be steady. 

relax, beloveds, you are not alone. i too am with you in this journey. . . and together when we as people walk forward, so walk we all.

breathe beloveds, breathe.