Sunday, December 8, 2013

of desires & dreams

life offers a journey to each 
insecure,i turn to face mine.
not knowing makes smiles hard to find
uncertainty creeps inside
fear robs sleep while unknown steals confidence.
when did they appear?
how has doubt and skeptic thoughts found cover in my soul?
 was i not looking?
or in chaotic busy-ness simply denied their presence?

mirror, help me.

alone am i responsible for what my mind allows inside.
alone must i face tomorrow.

tomorrow. to wake up and find holes where now fear and unknown rest.
i’d like to step out with confidence
where o where is joy?   where o where is strength?

truth? some days i fail  . . grow tired  
oh so weary of passive healing.

i long to laugh, to run, to feel whole.
i yearn to run forward, feel my peace
a hug, a wink, a tender touch

i breathe, i discover, i hope.

i determine to do.
that which gives to life, depth and truth.

oh, life offers journey deep.
with breaths deep, i wince no more.

i straighten my resolve

come friend
come with me my dear  
take my hand
come come come step in unison

let’s journey together and unearth places -

where desires & dreams meet reality.